INGEGNERIA AMBIENTE S.R.L. has gained a loto of experiences in revamping, upgrading and ex-novo designs of existing and new sewage and industrial treatment plants in order to adapt them to the increasingly restrictive rules and standards imposed by European legislation.

The design activity involves both consolidated process engineering and the application of new technologies. The main engineering and service activities concern:

  • Sewage treatment plants with conventional processes and advanced technologies
  • Remote control of purification plants
  • Artificial intelligence for local and remote control of purification plants
  • Liquid waste treatment platforms form landfill leachate and industrial liquid waste
  • Co-digestion of sewage sludge FORSU
  • Plants for energy production
  • Treatment of gaseous emissions
  • Environmental Impact Studies (SIA) and Integrated Environmental Authorizations (AIA)
  • Treatment of sludge

INGEGNERIA AMBIENTE S.R.L. also deals its resources in the management and technical supervision of the treatment plants. The knowledge acquired in terms of process engineering ensures that IA can provide valuable assistance and supervision support. Furthermore, the experience gained in the scientific research sector of new industrial processes carried out in large treatment plants is now applied in full-scale plants to guarantee the most effective purification treatment for industrial civil waste water.

The environmental impact study (SIA) and the Integrated Environmental Authorization (AIA) are specialized reports and administrative procedures necessary in treatment plants design. IA is also organized for these activities and has gained specific experiences for medium and large size treatment plants.